Software Development

We at Blobia Inc. offer Software Development services which promises to deliver highly qualitative and cost effective Custom Application Development to its clients globally.


Blobia Inc. provides outsourced software design, development, and integration services on Web, Java, Google, Microsoft's .NET technology stack. We specialize in desktop-like web solutions, such as Rich Internet Applications (RIA) using Google Webtool Kit, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Web 2.0/Ajax Applications, Cloud Software, E-Commerce, and Mobile Applications. Our Agile team can work "virtually" on any project anywhere in the world regardless of location. Our Surge Platform, Specs Illustrated method, Agile development process, US-based team, and over 15 years of web application development experience makes it possible for us to build your enterprise-grade web solution in up to 40% less time with 100% precision.

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